Mixtape #001

I’ve had some incredible plans to make and share mixtapes like I did in the old days, but I’ve been absolutely terrible about going through with it. The other day, I sent a tweet out into the world lamenting that the more things that come up that I’m interested in doing, discovering, researching, living, etc., the fewer of those goals I actually make an effort to attain. This is an incredibly fortunate problem for anyone to have and the moment I submitted the thought to the realm of the internet, a pang of regret and shame slapped me across the stomach and scolded me. So, I’m making an effort because I truly fucking love music in all shapes and forms and the more music that I create myself and the more music that I hear from others, the more that I want to share it with anyone willing to stop for a few moments and vibrate their eardrums along with me.

Here’s a Spotify link, an Apple Music link and the gosh darn tracklist:

01 Chromatics: “Time Rider”
02 Claud: “Easy”
03 Body Type: “Dry Grass”
04 Angèle (feat. Roméo Elvis): “Tout oublier”
05 Kim Petras (feat. SOPHIE): “1,2,3 dayz up”
06 Virgin Pool: “The Wanderer”
07 Mini Dresses: “The One Who Heard You”
08 Aldous Harding: “The Barrel”