Frog Eyes

Required Listening #006


Frog Eyes: “A Flower In A Glove”

I’m not going to start off this new year with something that’s freshly released just for the sake of getting something up here that’s as yet untouched and unspoiled by the critic sages of the internet. A new year needs something cathartic that wakes you up, splashes a bucket of water on your face and runs away laughing. “A Flower In A Glove” was released nine years ago this coming April and in that span of time, my fervent adoration of this now, sadly, defunct project and it’s fearless leader, Carey Mercer, has only deepened. As I am writing this, time is already eking away quickly towards the start of the second day of 2019 and all the fancy thoughts and words that spent the entire day swarming in my head thinking about this song have pulled up stakes and abandoned me. This song is the beginning of my year. This song is my anthem for the next 365 days. This song should wreck you every time you allow it to pass through your ears.

Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph
was released on April 27, 2010
by Dead Oceans