Jason Molina

Required Listening #004

DM Stith: “Get Out Get Out Get Out”

For some unknown reason, I am inherently skeptical of cover songs, especially when they involve a personal hero of mine. Maybe this stems from the handful of times that I’ve heard people cover music that I’ve written and felt like running from the room screaming or maybe there’s some deep-seated emotional issue inside of me that’s tangled up in the belief that the soul of a piece of music can only exist with it’s originator(s). Probably both of those scenarios are true and both are also probably completely untrue. Whatever the case may be, I wandered into DM Stith’s reimagining of Jason Molina’s “Get Out Get Out Get Out” with trepidation and left my first listen of it with a feeling of warmth and ecstatic graciousness at his absolutely beautiful rendition. It’s a more than fitting ode to the man behind the song and a gorgeous tribute to DM Stith’s own late grandfather whose trumpet fills the glorious cracks and spaces of the song.

The Get Out Get Out Get Out single
is available at DM Stith’s Bandcamp
Video arranged by DM Stith