Mixtape #003

This past week took a year to stumble through and felt like ten years. I’m behind on everything and have hit the sort of mental breaking point that people keep to themselves. Here’s some music to walk to, run to, fuck to or just plain live to.

Spotify // Apple Music (minus track #4)


01 Emily Reo: “Ghosting”
02 Guards: “Last Stand”
03 Dehd: “Lucky”
04 The Velveteins: “Last Night”
05 Tierra Whack: “Gloria”
06 Big Thief: “UFOF”
07 Lambchop: “Crosswords, or What This Says About You”
08 Bibio: “Curls”

Mixtape #002

Let’s get this one out a day early, yeah? Weird weekend with high hopes of an even weirder upcoming week. Play this one loudly and jubilantly.

Here’s the Spotify link and the Apple Music link and that sneaky old tracklist:

01 Anemone: “Memory Lane”
02 Nilüfer Yanya: “Tears”
03 Ebhoni: “TGM”
04 J. Cole: “MIDDLE CHILD”
05 Dog Trainer: “Only Be U”
06 Tierra Whack: “Only Child”
07 Pottery: “Lady Solinas”
08 Versing: “Tethered”

Mixtape #001

I’ve had some incredible plans to make and share mixtapes like I did in the old days, but I’ve been absolutely terrible about going through with it. The other day, I sent a tweet out into the world lamenting that the more things that come up that I’m interested in doing, discovering, researching, living, etc., the fewer of those goals I actually make an effort to attain. This is an incredibly fortunate problem for anyone to have and the moment I submitted the thought to the realm of the internet, a pang of regret and shame slapped me across the stomach and scolded me. So, I’m making an effort because I truly fucking love music in all shapes and forms and the more music that I create myself and the more music that I hear from others, the more that I want to share it with anyone willing to stop for a few moments and vibrate their eardrums along with me.

Here’s a Spotify link, an Apple Music link and the gosh darn tracklist:

01 Chromatics: “Time Rider”
02 Claud: “Easy”
03 Body Type: “Dry Grass”
04 Angèle (feat. Roméo Elvis): “Tout oublier”
05 Kim Petras (feat. SOPHIE): “1,2,3 dayz up”
06 Virgin Pool: “The Wanderer”
07 Mini Dresses: “The One Who Heard You”
08 Aldous Harding: “The Barrel”