Molly Sarle

Required Listening #008


Molly Sarlé: “Human”

There are twin beams of relaxed light streaming into my kitchen this afternoon that are creating a perfect intersection of warmth and happiness. I quickly discovered that I never want to leave this spot, not even for all the candy bars in the world. It’s this environment that I was basking in as I was introduced to the new solo single from Mountain Man’s Molly Sarlé and it could not have fit this moment in time any more perfectly. It took Ms. Sarlé less than four minutes to provide the soundtrack to the entire rest of my year. “Human” is much more than a sheer delight to listen to, it’s a study on the nature of those around you and how their manifestation rubs off on you, sending you down pathways and bypasses that you’ll never see coming.

The Human single
was released January 28, 2019 on Partisan Records
Video directed by Molly Sarlé & D.L. Anderson