Pavo Pavo

Required Listening #002

Pavo Pavo: “Goldenrod”

Mornings arrive with a long drawl of a faint buzz that’s stretches for miles before an auspicious click in the head jumpstarts the hours you choose to remain awake. The entire day can feel like its spent very carefully rotating an old manual radio dial in hopes of tuning in to the proper frequency that keeps you aware of your surroundings and able to participate actively in whatever confronts you. These old knobs gather microscopic bits of dust inside hidden cracks crevices that work their dirty magic into every scrap of sound that releases from the pulsing speaker. Even when you think you are tuned in, you never truly are. You’re always one step away from the light.

Mystery Hour
drops January 25, 2019 on Bella Union
Video directed by Elizabeth Landesberg